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RedBrick Health Introduces RedBrick Journeys™

Breakthrough consumer engagement and behavior change technology brings a fundamentally new approach to personalizing and delivering health improvement programs

MINNEAPOLIS (May 29, 2012) ­– RedBrick Health, a leader in consumer health engagement technology, announced today the introduction of a new health behavior change system it calls RedBrick Journeys.Delivered via web, mobile and live interactions, Journeysbreak desired behaviors into simple, small steps that are driven by the profile and preferences of each participant. Adaptive technology creates an experience that unfolds uniquely for each consumer, provides choices, and becomes smarter over time.

Launching this week in beta with RedBrick clients including Alliance Data, Cargill, DTE Energy Company, The Schwan Food Company subsidiaries and Welch Allyn, Journeys will focus on helping people eat healthier and become more physically active, at home or on the road. RedBrick will release a series of additional Journeys in the months ahead to help shape healthier habits around stress, sleep, back health, tobacco use, and self-care for chronic conditions.

The RedBrick intervention model is grounded in years of behavioral research and theory, including the work of behavioral scientist Dr. BJ Fogg, director of Stanford University’s Persuasive Technology Lab and Behavior Design Lab. “Many health interventions fail because of predictable mistakes. These mistakes include getting people to set unrealistic goals, having people rely on willpower, and assuming that information leads to behavior. Those things lead to failure. Here's what works: simplifying key behaviors into small steps, creating a supportive context, and triggering behaviors at the right moment,” said Fogg.

Journeys serve up personalized choices in the form of small steps within a game-like experience that triggers frequent habit-shaping interaction via web or smart phone. By making Journeys available via multiple modalities concurrently for the same consumer, RedBrick breaks the traditional model of single-channel health improvement interventions. Live support can be accessed at any point along the way through RedBrick Guides™ - health advisors who offer personalized phone support when needed. Journeys allow consumers to engage the support of their existing social network as well by optionally sharing their commitments and successes via Facebook, Twitter or email, without leaving their Journey.

In support of RedBrick Journeys, RedBrick Health has invented a patent pending authoring platform to support rapid evolution and production of an ongoing stream of new Journeys. The authoring tools can be used to serve existing program content from RedBrick’s clients and partners in this new, interactive multi-modal format, as well as to deliver custom Journeys with localized content.

“Traditional programs aimed at helping consumers achieve healthier behaviors often fail to keep the needs and expectations of today’s consumer in mind, said Eric Zimmerman, chief marketing officer for RedBrick Health. “We think of RedBrick Journeys as the ‘un-program.’ We’re taking a page out of the playbook of companies that have created the interactive technologies that have re-defined our daily patterns and habits. The difference is we’re applying these persuasive and adaptive technologies to helping people be healthy – one small step at a time.”

About RedBrick Health
RedBrick is a health engagement technology company that helps employers reinvigorate their health & wellness programs. The company combines financial accountability, clinical and behavioral insight, social and game mechanics and powerful data analytics to create a personalized and persuasive experience delivered through web, mobile and live interactions. As a result, RedBrick drives healthy behaviors, better outcomes, and stronger returns on everyone’s investment in health. The company serves large, self-insured employers and strategic distribution partners. Visit RedBrick at, read more at or follow the company at



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