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RedBrick Health Saves Clients $612 Per Participant Per Year

The Financial Impact of RedBrick Health Study finds RedBrick Health delivers a 3.8 to 1 return on investment to clients in just two years

MINNEAPOLIS (November 15, 2012) ­– RedBrick Health, a fast-growing leader in consumer health engagement technology, today announces the findings of its Financial Impact of RedBrick Health Study. This comprehensive book-of-business return on investment (ROI) study measures the financial impact of the company’s behavioral-based approach to health improvement. The study found that RedBrick Health provides cost savings by reducing health care cost and improving workforce productivity.

According to study findings, RedBrick Health generates $612 in total savings per participant per year (PPPY) – $325 PPPY in health care cost reductions and $287 PPPY in workforce productivity savings. The study finds that RedBrick Health clients experience a 3.8 to 1 ROI comparing total program benefits to program costs after just two years.

“Our 2012 Financial Impact of RedBrick Health Study corroborates our prior findings that RedBrick Health helps participants achieve and maintain healthy behaviors which lead to cost savings for our clients – but on a much larger scale given our business growth in recent years,” said Dan Ryan, Chief Executive Officer for RedBrick Health. “As RedBrick Health continues to apply the latest innovations in behavior science, technology and consumer experience to redefine the health and wellness category, I anticipate our clients will experience even greater returns on their investment in employee health.”

The study results are noteworthy in two respects. First, the study was conducted across the company’s book-of-business, representing a wide range of industries, program designs and incentive structures. Second, the data shows results achieved in two years, which is faster than many published ROI studies in the health and wellness category.

“Many organizations in the industry only look at their most successful programs when publishing results. At RedBrick Health, we look across our book-of-business to give our clients a more realistic picture of what to expect,” said Kurt Cegielski, Founder and Senior Vice President, Employer Solutions of RedBrick Health. “Additionally, our study’s two-year time horizon suggests we help our clients achieve speed to ROI.”

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About the Financial Impact of RedBrick Health Study
The annual Financial Impact of RedBrick Health Study quantifies the financial benefits associated with participation in RedBrick Health programs from the perspective of self-insuring employer clients. The study determines the financial impact RedBrick Health has on two commonly measured outcomes: health care expenditures and health related productivity loss (HRPL). The effect of RedBrick Health program participation on health care expenditures is found through a quasi-experimental, pre-post participant versus comparison group design using individual level data on health care expenditures. The effect of RedBrick Health program participation on HRPL is estimated using the aggregate health index score from the health assessment and its correlation with HRPL. To learn more about the methodology used to calculate the presented cost savings, email

About RedBrick Health
RedBrick is a health engagement technology company that helps employers reinvigorate their health & wellness programs. The company combines financial accountability, clinical and behavioral insight, social and game mechanics and powerful data analytics to create a personalized and persuasive experience delivered through web, mobile and live interactions. As a result, RedBrick drives healthy behaviors, better outcomes, and stronger returns on everyone’s investment in health. The company serves large, self-insured employers and strategic distribution partners. Visit RedBrick at, read more at or follow the company at



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